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A FabLab (fabrication laboratory) provides to makers and common people the chance to reach a real project starting from a concept, following the fab charter and sharing technical skills and knowledge, into a real space where dedicated machines and competence are available.

Become an artisan of the future!

Fablab Palermo Mission

FabLab Palermo is an innovation hub that works to connect makers and entrepreneurship, in order to go from the idea to the real product, following the peer to peer design and the open source philosophy sharing knowledge, methods and principles with the world makers community.


According to Fab Charter, Fablab Palermo works to promote and spread the makers’ culture, carrying out classes and workshops, also in partnership with schools, universities and institutions.


Fablab Palermo works as an incubator to go from the idea to the real product or the enterprise, by using the network of contacts and professional resources of fablabs all over the world.


Fablab Palermo also provides services to enterprises, professionals and common people, including design, 3D printing, projects and prototypes development and 3D printers maintenance.

Appealing to a Fablab means appealing to a worldwide dynamic net of professionals and innovative knowledge.


fablab palermo services

Architects, programmers, designers, carpenters, tailors and creatives…

Thanks to a wide network of technical knowledge, Fablab Palermo provides several digital services: CNC milling, Laser Cutting, Engraving, Advertising Graphics, 2D and 3D modelling, rapid prototyping and 3D Printing, Vinyl Cutting, Drone Aerial Shots, 3D scanning and Rendering, Software Developing.

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If you are still wondering how Fablab Palermo may help you, whether you are a company, a school, students or craftsmen, take a look to our equipment: you’ll find how could be easy make use of them!



Become an artisan of the future

The future will be more and more crowded by software, useful to check the moisture level of the soil of a plant, to design and make jewelery or leather goods.
To enter the world of work you must have skills beyond those provided by school.

Fablab Palermo providesclasses and workshops also custom, in 2D and 3D graphics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Linux, C ++, DIY 3D printers or Drones, and help for start-up design and developing.

Contact us to find what we can do toghether.


Fablab Palermo has a main team of Michele, Marcella, Eliana, Elio, Pierangelo e Massimiliano, who will welcomE and guide you according to your needs and specially put in touch with a network of makers and professionals, – present on Palermo or otherwise in connection with Fablab – experts in various fields, from graphic design to robotics, from programming to marketing, ready to offer their multidisciplinary consultancy to meet your needs.


Become a part of this community of professionals of the future!

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Contact us

Fablab Palermo
c/o PMO Coworking
Via Principe di Belmonte 93 Palermo
Mobile phone: (+39) 338.4760108
E-mail: info@fablabpalermo.org

c/o Leroy Merlin Palermo Mondello,
Viale Regione Siciliana Nord Ovest 9498




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